Boost to funding for mental health issues in youth is welcome news

Now there’s some news that's worth celebrating. The federal government is set to announce a $110 million package to tackle anxiety and depression in Australian youth. 

A huge $46 million will go towards equipping teachers with resources to identify mental health issues in the classroom.

The statistics regarding mental health from Beyond Blue are astounding, with one in seven young Australians experiencing a mental health condition, so this funding is much needed. 

 Around one in 35 young Australians aged 4-17 experience a depressive disorder. Breakdown: 2.8% of Australians aged 4-17 have experienced an affective disorder.* This is equivalent to 112,000 young people. One in seven young Australians experience a mental health condition. Youth Beyond Blue

In my practice, I have counselled youth who have taken a step in the right direction to seek help. A common theme amongst them, is that the main barrier to seeking help is that there is a stigma attached to mental health. My hope is that this funding boost will equip our youth with the confidence to seek help from friends, family or a professional.

Beyond Blue has an excellent resource for supporting someone with anxiety or depression. I really like their advice that having a conversation can make a difference in helping someone feel less alone and more supported in recovering from anxiety and depression. We can never underestimate the value of just ‘being there’ for someone who is facing these challenges.

On a related note, at the end of 2017, my business partner Janine Rod, and I, launched a new program called The Keys for Kids. We recognised a real need to provide equip kids with skills that help them:

  • Build resiliency to stress
  • Maximize focus and concentration
  • Increase motivation
  • Set themselves up for success

So you can imagine how happy we are that Australian government is also taking the issue seriously.