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In the modern workforce, we frequently have to market ourselves; to position ourselves as the most qualified candidate or the best choice for a promotion or raise. In many cases, it’s the people who can present themselves the best that gain the most from this system. For those of us who suffer from anxiety about speaking in public or are shy about discussing our accomplishments, this can lead to our hard work going unrecognised.

That’s where Pauline Leslie can help. Her public speaking hypnosis sessions in Sydney can help to address the underlying cause of your anxiety, allowing you to speak confidently and calmly in front of crowds of any size.


Hypnosis for public speaking is safe, non-invasive and can be transformative


The reason why so many us struggle to address groups of even our closest friends is that your subconscious is triggering your body’s fight or flight response, causing your brain to flood your body with adrenaline. This leads to a heightened sense of awareness of one’s surroundings, leading to anxiety.

There’s nothing intrinsically worrying about the act, it’s merely the collection of emotive responses you’ve built up around it. Hypnosis is a fantastic tool that can assist in peeling back the layers of our mind to better interface with deep-seated problems such as phobias or aversions. The goal of our program is to divorce the act of speaking in a public setting with the fears you’ve ascribed to or constructed around it.

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